9 Tips for Living a (Semi-)Normal Life While Your Home Is Being Shown

    By Houzz Contributor, Laura Gaskill  Selling your house? Those frequent showings can be a real hassle. You know it’s worth it to do your best to accommodate them, but that doesn’t make it any easier! Here are tips to make keeping your house ready to show to prospective buyers more doable, plus a handy checklist of what to remember before…

Are You Stuck in the Renter’s Trap?

As a renter, you find out if you’re at risk for the “renter’s trap” every time you have to renew your lease. The costs of things that your landlord or management company provide has increased and, as a result, your rent needs to increase to continue to cover these costs. Sometimes (depending on where you live) the cost of renting…

2020 Olympic Games: 10 Homes with Built-in Training Facilities for New Events

With the 2016 Olympic games in full swing, we’ve all become professional sports spectators. It can sometimes feel silly to watch such athletic feats from the couch, so we decided it’s about time to start training for Tokyo 2020. Lucky for us, there are a few new sports being added to the mix: baseball/softball, karate, skateboarding, climbing, and surfing. To…

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